Module 1 : Write your own 1 page story

Module 1 : Write your own 1 page story to either better inform That Company employees on company values or to motivate that companies employees.  Post your story on your blog – Due by October 7.


Dear fellow company employee,

Let’s get together and honestly look around us , how many of us know all the values of our great company that we work for and how do we link our day to day operation to its values.

The values of the company are the basics that it runs on. It’s the heart and soul of our operation without it we can’t go anywhere. One general way to make it better is to learn our values and relate them to our daily operation and actions.

Imagine that the company is owned by you. And your employees are wasting its money and not following the values. What do you do to solve it ??? My suggestion is before any action you do is always consider this your own company and think … would you do this ?? .

Our first national CEO started out as a mailman in the company. He loved the company so much that made him go step by step, fight all obstacles, create new processes, invented a new way of operation . Went up the ladder and worked almost everywhere in the company to reach what he is now the highest level in the business of our company.  He started from scratch and reached the top.

Any one of us could be him one day if we thought of the company and put its interests in front of everything else. He is a hero that we all would want to be someday.

He used to be one of us, he is still one of us but he is one that took an extra step ahead. Thought of this company of his own and wanted to take it to the top.

If everyone one of us ( just try this ) posted the values of the company in his office and whenever he had to do any decision to an employee , to vendor and took a fast look at the values and related him answer to one of them. We will have a great task force that we are and even make us better. The winners always look at the solutions and not the problems. Looks at the development of others as when they go up they take you with them.

Innovate, always think of how to make changes, make things better. Be creative and the company will reward you one way or the other. And if not rewarded now you will be rewarded by yourself satisfaction that you did your best and you stood out in your own crowd.

One word that the company should be proud of in its field that it only challenges itself and no one is in its way but itself.

We are a great workforce doing miracles to the world and with your love and passion to the job we can always do better. Don’t let anyone stand in your way of success if you want something done do it and find ways to get it done.

You’re the work force and future that will build things that will leave a message for generations to come. And not make your kids and spouse proud but also the world

All the best,

From me : Omar Bader