Hello world!

Welcome to my First Post !!

My Name is ( Omar Bader ) i am a Saudi national , Born in the United States on December 18, 1976 .

i work for Saudi Aramco , which has a great human resources program that support the education and entrancement of its employees . it has recently worked along for the past year on a great PR & Communication Certificate program with one of the top Universities from the United States ( Michigan State University ).

the goals of this course is to enhance and direct us to the best understanding and ability to communicate internally and external  useing the latest tools that the current and future generation are using and learn the correct tools and basics of implementing corporate messages and practice storytelling within our day to day activity and for us ( future leaders ) when representing the company one day.

I love PR as it is part of my day to day practice . and im really interested of becoming a better leader ( peoples manager ) to communicate better and have a more creative workforce using the right tools and ways. as communication is an every minute tool that is now a days needed.

after creating this blog i hope i will be able to communicate from here most of my activities notes , comments about my readings to hopefully have a pool of followers whom will connect to me more , know me more and understand me through my way of communication that i hope will be better after this program .

( Go Greeen —> Go White ) is the MSU words used …..and by luck is it the Saudi Arabian flag Colors …..

with this i would like to end my first blog note by saying MSU & Saudi Aramco ……. Thanks a million for your support


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